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Our wines

Different terrains and their unique characteristics manage to enhance every vine

The wines from our Cantina are the result of memories from the past combined with a propensity for the future, another border we are not afraid to cross.

Learn all about the Tradizione range that tells the story of and recalls the historical identity of the Cantina, the Quaranta Jugheri collection that contains the best of the vines we love the most, Vervè, with its aromas bursting with life and finally Kar.ares, the best of the late harvest…


We called our Trentodoc sparkling wines Vervè because they combine strength and lightness, verve and persistence and a wonderful ease of being


The typical varieties grown in the area where the Cantina stands are the true expression of classic Trentino wine.


The Quaranta Jugeri collection aims to interpret the four great grapes used to make it in smooth, complex and elegant versions.


A sweet wine made from the tradition of the late harvest. The over-ripening of Gewürztraminer gives the wine an extraordinary sensory intensity.