The classic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir match with Pinot Blanc, which enhances a rare white lily bouquet. The unusual notes and the classical hints of bread crust after more than thirty months on yeasts mix with the clear freshness intensified by a fine perlage, with a pleasant  fragrance and taste.

Thirty months on the yeasts instill a refined character in this Trento Doc. The exclusive use of Pinot Noir grapes gives body and structure. The pleasant fruity scents, the lasting perlage and a peculiar old-rose colour are the perfect combination for an aperitif or dinner.

  • Brut Trento DOC – Vervè
  • Rosè Trento DOC – Vervè

The Bottles

Vervè Brut

Trento DOC

Bianco Brut Millesimato

Elegant white flowers notes combine with fruity hints and a light bread crust note. The fine perlage, exalted by a high freshness make this Trentodoc a perfect aperitif and a fanciful match for main courses based on fish. To try the pairing with sushi.

Vervè Rosè

Trento DOC

Rosè Brut Millesimato

Delicate floral notes recalling rose blossoms combine with sweet ripe fruit scents and a spicy hint. A marked freshness and a fine perlage make this Trentodoc a perfect match both for Trentino tradition salami such as Luganega or Mortandela and fish or meat tartares.